Knight costumes for kids

Last but not least, the final finished project of 2011. This is probably my favourite project of all, because it made my wee nephews so happy, and what else would I want? Another gift that just about reached its destination country in time for Christmas celebrations. 🙂

My twin nephews asked for knight costumes a while ago. I bought lovely wooden swords from Historic Scotland in summer, but then didn’t make the costumes, I was still too busy with many other things. Christmas was perfect I figured. One nephew likes blue, the other green, so it was clear what colour tabards I would go for. I wanted the whole hog, “chain mail” and all, but everything had to be comfy, withstand wear and tear and two boys playing knights, and easy to get in and out of, while at the same time being proper costumes.

I had to use a pattern just so I could get the size right. My nephews live in another country, no easy measuring. I used the Simplicity 5520 child costume pack, which turned out to be great value for money. Here are some progress pics of the double-costume factory.


And here they are in all their shiny, appliquéd and sewn glory: the Twin Knights.



Who’s Da Aunt! 😀

Update in April 2012: I found lovely wooden shields and swords (forgetting I had already bought swords…) to complete the costumes.


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