Luxury outdoor Cat House

My parents visited in August and my dad built an outdoor house for Mr F, my cat. He’s a wizard at making super cute houses, and has made a plethora of bird houses, including the one in my garden. Being the thrifty so-and-so that I am, we didn’t have to buy any wood, because I kept all the material from the furniture I had dismantled. Thus the bird house is built out of the solid wood from the old IKEA corner desk that I had.

I forgot to take in-progress pics, because I was busy tarring the roof of my shed while dad was building the cat house helped by my mum, but here it is, in all its glory. Dad made the roof shingles from leftover floor vinyl tiles (the new black floor in my living room) and they’ve held up incredibly well in the last months. Throughout storms and belting rains and frost. I painted it in bright colours I had leftovers of from several projects, and it even has a plaque with the cat’s name. The top can be taken off the ground plate for a good clean-out if necessary. Mr F loves it during these months of dreadful Scottish weather, because he enjoys being outside and gets to stay sheltered while watching the world, before heading back inside and to the radiators.

Three cheers for my dad!




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