The finished retro living room

Here we go. I finished the living room at the end of August, after mum & dad helped me lay the black floor, and helped with putting up the shelves. It was much quicker with the help and much easier. I love my new room, and what I love most about it is that I did it all on my own! I’m ridiculously proud of it, and its colours and overall look make me smile, even months later.

I had originally meant to add coloured acrylic sheets to the door panels, but decided that this would have been too much. Same with the IKEA Expedit square shelves: I had initially meant to make rounded fronts, inspired by my idol 😉 : Brum’s retro home, but again, I like the simple square lines against the round patterns of the wall paper. The room feels bigger now than before, which is probably because of the transparent chairs and the fact that there are no shelves on the floor anymore, everything is floating.

The desk corner right after laying the black floor at the end of August. You can see the camping table still in the room, the dining table had just been painted.




2 thoughts on “The finished retro living room

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