Welcome 2012 and C365-12

I already have a lot of creative projects planned for this new year.

I am currently working on a winter coat, a black linen embroidered waterfall jacket, a floaty shirt and a blue satin tunic.

I am also working on a project that I can’t mention because the person it is for reads this blog, and am planning another one – a big one – I can’t talk about either for the same reason.

On the DIY front I’ll be doing some work on my hallway, including the wooden floor, and I’ll paint all the doors in the house white like I did the living room ones, and they’ll get the same fancy door handles as well. I already have the latter stashed away but I needed a few months break from DIY after the massive sewing room and living room effort. I might get the bathroom done, but will probably save up for another year, just to make sure. I hate not having any savings.

I’m also planning to possibly start a Creative Collective at my workplace, with the goal to have an annual bazaar with the proceeds going to charity. And of course I’ll continue the Craft Sundays with my lovely friends.

I am sure there’ll be a lot more, but that will be a surprise for myself. 🙂


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