January 12: cheap vase upcycled into glass lantern

I have three very cheap glass vases, which came with bouquets of flowers (back in the married days, ha!) and one of them widens at the opening, unlike the other two. I wanted a glass lantern for my conservatory, because that’s far safer than an open candle and I don’t have to watch it constantly, so I came up with the idea of turning the vase into a lantern. I had a few big white block candles, so that was sorted. I also had quite a big batch of cute striped and lettered square plastic beads which I’d bought two or three years ago to decorate a white glass bowl (which didn’t work, incidentally, the bowl was far too big and would have required 3-4 times the amount of beads to look good). I decided to use those plastic beads in the bottom of the vase instead of the more usual glass nuggets or pebbles, of which I had some left over as well.

I went on eBay to find some funky glass nuggets to decorate the rim of the lantern and found these beautiful handmade ones by the seller “firedglass“. So, they got glued on, the vase polished, filled with the plastic beads, and the candle set in. Voilà! Funky, unique glass lantern for a few quid.


Guckt mal, ich habe die Sturmlaterne (oder wie nennt man das?) aus einer alten billigen Vase gemacht, mit bunten viereckigen Perlen die ich noch hatte und gruenen Glassteinen von eBay. Billig und einfach. 🙂


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