January 12: new sofa cover

Back in the Dark Ages AKA aeons ago AKA last February, I bought an IKEA decorative fabric to make a new sofa cover. I must have been really optimistic back then, thinking I’d be as far as sofa covers soon. Och well, I finally made it this month.

The fabric was very cheap, because I got it on eBay and it was an old one. I needed quite a few meters, I wanted it to be 100% cotton, and easily washable, that’s why I went for the one I got.

Anyway, how things go, when I tried out the fabric on the sofa and amongst the new cushions, the white with the coloured stripes was far too harsh. Also: white? Didn’t like it. So I ordered Dylon fabric dye off eBay in bulk (far cheaper than in the shops) and dyed the whole fabric sunflower yellow, all 7 meters of it. In two batches, of course.

I then made the cover in very simple ways, by just folding and stitching, so that it’s easy to take off and put on, and kept it in two pieces, top and bottom. Again, for easy removal, because it’s more likely the bottom one needs washing. Case in point: I already managed to splatter some chocolate ice-cream onto it.

I also made a special cover for one side, which holds the two original rectangular side cushions and the two original smaller cushions, so that I can use the sofa as a recamiere. After all, my home is entirely tailored for my own specific needs. 🙂

I got a single bed sized memory foam topper off Amazon, which is rather fabulous and makes the sofa so much more comfortable. especially for someone with crap joints like mine. I used the remaining cover fabric, which I hadn’t dyed, to make a “mattress cover” for the memory foam, which is now underneath the sofa cover and thus can’t be see in the pics.  So here we are, a comfortable, colourful, easy to wash and hardwaering sofa!

Oh, and guess who immediately claimed the new “pillow fort” AKA back rest as his own…


Ich hab’ endlich den neuen Sofa Bezug fertig gemacht bevor mein Besuch kam. Stoff erst Sonnenblumengelb in der Maschine gefaerbt, kann jetzt einfach und schnell abgenommen werden in 3 Teilen, und gewaschen werden.


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