January 12: bright orange-dyed cloths

I like my white towels, linens, clothes and cloths WHITE, but no matter what one does and how one launders them, eventually they gain a slightly greyish tint. So what is one to do? Simple: dye them!

I had dyed some white, greyish towels a bright sunflower yellow and embroidered them in red in 2010 (hence no blog post for them, since this blog was started in 2011) so a bright orange machine dye seemed a good idea for my face cloths. Dylon’s Goldfish Orange looked like the perfect colour, but alas, the colour looked more like rust than bright cheery orange.

So I went for the sunflower yellow hand dye and dyed over the orange. I do think the colour is a bit cheerier now:

Meine weissen Waschlappen wurden grau, was ja immer irgendwann passiert, also habe ich sie Orange gefaerbt, passend zu den gelben und den bunten Handtuechern.


One thought on “January 12: bright orange-dyed cloths

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