February 12: my first quilt – part 1

Now that my dear friend promised not to look at this blog until after I tell him AKA he has received his gift, I can talk about my very first patchwork quilt project. This will become a light blanket for taking lunchtime naps, and I had to find fabrics that straddled my love for bright colours and crazy patterns, and my friend’s sense of more elegant/muted colours.

I  found the perfect fabric, which is from Moda, designed by Kate Spain for Moda and is the Fandango range.

As for quilting patterns, well, I am weird. I don’t like complicated and convoluted patchwork/quilt patterns, not if funky fabrics are in use. That’s probably because I love fabrics so much and patterns and colours, that it’s too much for my eyes. Thus I decided on a simple Roman squares pattern to show off the fabric.

I had another Craft Sunday at my house with two dear friends last week, where we were shown how to get started. Something I had no idea about, and thus the tips were most appreciated. I got to cutting my fabric in strips and then into rectangles, and this is where I am right now.


Last but not least, I have decided that this is how I will put the squares together: six different combinations.


One thought on “February 12: my first quilt – part 1

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