February 12: up-cycled necklace

I got a reduced necklace from Primark the other day, which, as everyone can imagine, means it was super-super cheap. A whole 1 quid in fact. I liked the pendant bit but not the chain, and needed something in purple (well, need” might not be the right word, I suppose “want” is better) as purple is one of the colours I haven’t got much jewellery in/for.

I found a length of broad purple satin ribbon, sewed it into a tube and then pulled it inside out. Threaded it through a bigger finding on the pendant bit, and added a couple of glass beads and gold ones at the ends to make it look nicer. I had those flying around in my stashes, too.

So, for a grand total of £1 we have a shiny, up-cycled necklace.



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