February 12: 70s nightdress

I’ve been very busy creatively over the weekend, because I’ve been working on one of my websites. That’s the author one, though, thus I can’t show off here all the pretty things that I made.

What I can show off, though, is the 70s style nightdress I quickly put together. I love floor length nightdresses and usually use historical undershirts/chemises either Victorian ones or linen Anglo-Saxon or 17th century ones, but wanted a colourful one this time which wouldn’t take long at all to put together (no handstitching this time, no, Sirree) and which had long sleeves for chilly nights.

I found this fun cotton fabric for 2 quid per meter, bought 2 meters, and cut it out historical styleeee: using the width and length of the fabric and adding gores. I didn’t bother with underarm ones, though.

Voilà! Put together in an evening and cost me the grand total of 4 quid.

P.S. habe mal schnell noch ein Nachthemd zusammengenaeht. Hat nur einen Abend gedauert und 4 Pfund fuer den Stoff gekostet. 🙂 Sieht sehr 70er Jahre aus.


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