February 12: tea towel to decorative kitchen towel

I got a £4 pack of 3 tea towels from Matalan the other day, because they went with the funky new kitchen clock I got there, and they were simply delightful. The tea towels are 100% cotton 9which really does dry better than linen, sadly) and while they arenot the best quality, obviously, they are happiness inducingly colourful.

I decided to change the red with white polka dots towel I have had for the last two years as decoration on the oven, and wanted it properly done this time. Behold the quick transformation through unpicking seams, re-sewing seams, adding webbing I had flying around, and sewing on pieces of Velcro strip.

Step 1: unpicking, ironing, cutting to size, and re-sewing.


Step 2: adding the webbing on the top to make it longer, then adding the Velcro pieces. I used 5 wee ones.


Tadaa! Can easily be removed for washing and won’t fall off the oven handle.

P.S. ich hab’ mal schnell ein billiges Baumwoll Trockentuch (drei fuer 4 Pfund) in ein schoenes Schmuckstueck verwandelt, dass nicht runterfallen kann, weil es mit Klettverschluessen befestigt ist. Das rote mit den weissen Punkten war fies geworden, Farbe war raus nachdem ich es zu heiss gewaschen hatte.

And here we have a pic of the the rest of the 3-pack/hier sind die 2 restlichen Trockentuecher aus dem Dreierpack


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