March 2012: Flower Balls

Some of my indoor/conservatory plants needed a bit of pick-me-up in the literal sense and I decided to not just push a stake into the soil (Buffy!) but use bits and pieces that I had flying around. As one does, but then unless you know my Aladdin’s Loft you haven’t seen “flying around” yet.

So I grabbed a couple of flower foam spheres that I had left over from a slightly bodged Christmas bauble project (I should have bought styrofoam spheres for that one, not flower arranging foam) and the box with an assortment of cheap but colourful fake flowers that I got for my Midsummer Night’s party in 2010. Since I’d just received a lovely flower bouquet from friends I had a nice thin and long green stick that I could use.

The flower balls were so quick to make, I didn’t even take progress pictures. Just snip the stems from the fake flowers, leaving an inch or so, push them into the foam, and at the end, add the stick/stake. I find them very cheerful.



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