February-March 2012: my first quilt – part 2

Remember my February post detailing the beginnings of my first ever quilt? Well, in between several other projects, I have been diligently (read: slowly but steadily) working on putting my quilt squares together. I must say, I think quilting is boring. Really really Boring. But nevermind, here they all are, oodles of squares! 6 different types, all done.


2 thoughts on “February-March 2012: my first quilt – part 2

  1. Oh no…..not boring 🙂 I’m not sure whether you are machine piecing or sewing by hand. If you are machine piecing, have you heard of chain piecing? It makes patchwork so much faster. There are some videos on Youtube about chain piecing if you are interested.

    • Thanks for the heads-up on chain piecing. I do machine, yes, but to be honest, I am sure patchwork will always be boring to me, because all my life I have made clothes, so in a way not having a true shape appearing before my eyes, one that changes and curves and becomes 3-dimensional, is just boring to me. 🙂 I persevere, though.

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