March 2012: patchwork sofa cover – part 1

Remember the new fabric cover I made in January? IKEA upholstery fabric that I’d dyed sunflower yellow. well, to be honest, I never liked it.

Has that ever happened to anyone else? You plan, you work and make, you finish – and then you don’t like it. That doesn’t happen often, but alas, this time it did. So, what else to do but come up with something else?

Inspired by this fabulous patchworked sofa cover from the IKEA blog (in Swedish) I have decided to use some of the yellow-dyed fabric, dye some of what was left over pink, and get a load of other IKEA cotton upholstery fabric pieces/scraps off eBay, chop them all into 5×5″ pieces (that’s the size of the the squares in the original fabric I used) and after a few short weeks of dyeing, obtaining, washing and cutting I have a load of fabric squares, ready to be turned into a super colourful sofa cover.

Watch this space!


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