March 2012: my first quilt – part 3

Here we are now, with all of the squares sewn together in strips. I have three different designs, but to be honest, I I don’t think I’m even interested in any particular design with this fabric. They look nicetogether, and that is that.

Tomorrow I shall get quilting thread and backing in an off-white from out local quilt shop, and will sew the strips together after a good old ironing.

Slowly but surely I am getting there. 🙂


4 thoughts on “March 2012: my first quilt – part 3

    • Thank you. 🙂

      I find patchwork/quilting really easy because I’ve been sewing and making clothes for nearly 40 years (started as a toddler on my mum’s lap). It’s just a sewing together and ironing of pieces of fabric, after all.

      I do find it a bit boring, though, thus I’ll never became a great quilter. Also, I doubt I have the patience needed for piecing great quilts with fascinating colours.

  1. Nice! Making a quilt is something that I want to start doing soon, when I get in a little more sewing practice first. I’ve wanted to make one for years, but really only lately have taken the first step and actually bought enough material for the top! 🙂

    • Once you’ve got practice in using a sewing machine and all that entails it will be quite easy to get started on a quilt, trust me. A friend of mine uses a quilting foot for her machine that ensures she sews seams in the perfect distance (which I don’t need just because I have been using a sewing machine all my life and it’s second nature). But for someone with less experience that sounds like an excellent gadget.

      Just don’t forget the ironing/pressing. Nothing is more important in any sewing project than the ironing/pressing of seams. Honest. 🙂

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