April 2012: Decoupage Clock

Did I mention I was busy over Easter? 😉 Four blissful days of creativity.

This project was one of those “oh look, I have all that stuff flying around” project and it cost me zero. Zilch. Nada. Nichts. Nothing. £0.

So I had this cheapo wall clock that I’d bought once upon a time when the living room was Hobitty cutesy – in another lifetime. I used it for a wee while in the sewing room, after I’d re-did that one with the former living room furniture, but it was just a cheap, blown-up print on top of a piece of wood for, I think, a tenner from eBay. Quite alright from a distance, albeit Olde Worldy, but pixellated from closer. Not very inspiring. Then I re-found the stack of Victorian decoupage sheets I’d bought in the 1990s in Germany and which have since been moving goodness how many times with me.


I tried to take the actual clockwork out, but didn’t manage. Not sure why, but since it was a cheapo clock, perhaps it just wasn’t made for that. It was easy to work with the hands on, so I wasn’t bothered. I slapped a coat of white primer on, then cut the stalks off all of the decoupage paper pictures, ready to be glued on. I had some leftover PVA glue from glueing the fabric onto the 3D letters, and diluted it about 50/50 with water to glue on the paper. I had fun arranging the pictures.

Last but not least, when everything was done and dried, I remembered I had some Mod Podge lustre varnish leftover from making the crown for my Alien Empress costume, back in 2003 or thereabouts, and gave it a couple of coats. Finally, I painted the edge gold, and hung it all up. Tadaa! Of course, the last photo with the varnish and on the wall looks different, because of the flash that reflects off the clock, now that it’s back, hanging on the sewing room wall. The colours are still beautifully vibrant.

P.S. Dieses Projekt hat mich nichts gekostet. Ich hatte mal wieder alles “rumfliegen” (Reste von alten Projekten, so wie die Viktorianischen Poesiebilder, die ich in den 90ern in Aachen gekauft habe. ) Die Uhr ist die alte, die damals im Wohnzimmer war, und die superbillig und nicht besonders schoen war. Nun ist sie einzigartig und haengt im Naehzimmer.


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