April 2012: patchwork sofa cover – part 3

The “seat” of the sofa is now finished. I lined the patchwork with calico, which I got from a seamstress friend a few years ago and which had been used for skirt patterns. I felt too stingy to buy fabric, though, or use a nice one, so I chopped the skirt toile into pieces and sewed them together to fit. I only really need a lining so that the sofa cover can be easily washed without fraying.



2 thoughts on “April 2012: patchwork sofa cover – part 3

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I am on your blogroll. *räusper* Ich bin hier verlinkt. Wahnsinn. Ich versuche meine extremen Neidgefühle angesichts Deines Wohnortes zu unterdrücken. Falls Du jemals workshops in Deinem Hause machen solltest- sag bescheid. Ich bringe ein paar crafter mit. HUGS, Baerbel

    • So am I! On your blogroll that is. 😀 Wheeeee! mein Haus ist klein (ein Bungalow) aber mein, und mein Naehzimmer ist auch mein Gaestezimmer. Also…

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