April 2012: Hallway Accessories revamp – memory case

Almost 3 years ago, after the till-death-doth-us-part (ha!) fiasco, I started immediately to redecorate my home. One of the things that came into my mind was to display some of the super replicas (and artefacts) I had from my years of re-enactment, especially the Anglo-Saxon ones. So the idea of a memory case for the hallway was born. I got the untreated wood shelves from Boxy Lady here in the UK. I have several items of hers (she also trades on eBay) and they are all fabulous and super value for money.

I am not updating the hallway by painting all the remaining doors white, like I did in the living room (well, one day, urgh…) and turning the accessories from Olde Worldy woody browny to sleek glossy black.


First, I spray painted the case black (thanks, Aldi, for your spray-paint specials last year). Then I printed a variety of manuscripts (thanks, Internet for excellent quality images).

After a lot of measuring, using a variety of rulers and triangles and compasses and then happy cutting. I glued my chosen manuscripts with the leftover PVA glue/water thinned solution from the decoupage clock.


The next day, after the paper had dried, all the bubbles and creases were gone. Extra virtual cookies for anyone who can identify all 6 of the manuscripts. 😉

The case went back onto the wall and I refilled it with my – freshly polished, don’t you just love silver and its tarnishing – replicas and artefacts.

Oh, and here’s the comparison. I much prefer the new version!



2 thoughts on “April 2012: Hallway Accessories revamp – memory case

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