April 2012: sewing pattern love

Okay, so this isn’t really a “I did this that or the other” post, but an indulgence. I absolutely love sewing patterns. I have a huge amount of them, collected over many years. I guess I am less about “she who dies with the biggest fabric stash wins” and more a “she who dies with the biggest pattern collection wins”.

Thing is, I can always get fabrics off the internet, and there will always be something I like or want. But sewing patterns? They become out of print all too quickly! Especially costume ones. Remember the Lord of the Rings craze? You could get a large variety of commercial patterns for this, and most of those are out of print now. Or retro ones. Or of course vintage ones. Or accessories. Or … you name it, it is one day not available anymore.

And I love patterns. Love them with a passion, because they give me the feeling of all that could be. All the ideas that I have when looking through them. I might never use a pattern ever in my life, but by golly, I could!

Jaycotts had (actually, they still have) a 50% off all Simplicity and McCalls patterns sale. How could I resist? I stumbled upon the site, meaning to look for something to amke for the garden tea party, and, well, I was lost. Hours later … and this is what arrived today.

1. Oh come on, how could I not? It’s gorgeous Steampunk. I might never make anything out of it, if I don’t have a reason to, but I love the pattern. Don’t forget, I adore patterns for patterns’ sake.

2. Isn’t that the most fabulous blanky for kids ever? The moment I saw it I knew I had to make two (different) ones for my twin nephews’ birthdays. Watch this space.

3. I love floaty jackets/throws for office outfits, because I can use all sorts of funky fabrics and embellishments.

4. See #3, plus I have a sari chiffon that I need to use up for something.

5. One of the wonderful retro patterns. Love it love it love it. I have decided that this is what I’ll make for the garden party, because it’s on the day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and it’s a fancy 1950s apron, so that fits well. Worn with all black underneath. I just have to find a sickeningly cute fabric for it.

6. I intend to make a TARDIS bag. Why? because I can and because Dr Who is epic. Sure, I didn’t really need a pattern, I mean come on, that’s easy enough to come up with, but when I saw this one and its many varietions (plus it was 50% off…) I figured it would make things even easier and was good value for money.

7. Ignore the 1970s cutesy wuesty look of the pic on the pattern. I’m going to make a stripey night dress, in my usual to-the-floor fashion. I love long nightdresses, so there.

8. The coat? Gorgeous. I plan to use up some of my brocades for it. It’ll be great over black trousers and top.

So, here we go. I am a sewing pattern addict and I am not ashamed. They quite simply make me happy. Strange, but true.


8 thoughts on “April 2012: sewing pattern love

    • Notions… so true! I have huge amounts of excellent white lace, leftover from my 17th century costume making. I even have 17th century laces (all wrapped up in acid free tissue paper). She who dies with the most *possibilities*…

  1. is number eight a new pattern? Argh, ich kann ja deutscheln. Das 8te ist genial, das kannte ich noch garnicht. Ist das ein altes oder ganz Neues? Bitte nicht zerschneiden, wenn Du es jemals abgeben willst weißt Du an wen 🙂 Den sale bei jaykotts schaue ich mir mal an. Ich wette die nehmen kein paypal

    • Ich weiss nicht genau ob es ein neues Schnittmuster ist. Moment, ich scahu mal nach dem copyright … yup, es ist 2011, also ziemlich neu. Jaycotts nimmt in der Tat kein Paypal, aber alles andere, so wie Mastercard und Visa. Das Schnittmuster ist Nummer 2159 von Simplicity, muss es doch auch in Deutschland geben, oder? Leider gibt es keine Hoffnung dass ich jemals ein Schnittmuster abgebe, denn das ist der ganze sinn und Zweck des Hortens: viele Plastik Boxen in meinem Speicher mit Schnittmustern, die mich alle “gluecklich” machen. 😉

  2. Hehe, also ich fange jetzt an 80er Hefte abzubauen. Hab ich dann in 30 Jahren eine Chance bei dir anzuklopfen? Aber 2011 ist in der Tat recht neu, dann schau ich mal hier bei uns nach dem Schnitt. Ghawazee-so heisst das Teil korrekt

    • Hefte hab’ ich nicht mehr viele, die bin ich losgeworden als ich “ausgewandert” bin. ich habe nur noch ein paar spezial hefte, so wie alte Karneval Magazine von Burda, und ein herrliches Barbie Heft von 1996.

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