April 2012: Hallway Accessories revamp – key board

My dad made this key board for me three years ago, but no matter how sentimental I am about things my family or friends make for me, it was time to update the look of the hallway accessories.

In line with the memory case, I sanded it down, filled some holes, was forced to prime it for some annoying reasons, then spray painted the key board glossy black. I then found polished tie-backs at B&Q, which I decided to use for hooks. Having had white glass mosaic tiles left over from my PacMan desk of Joy, I added one each into the square of the tie-back. Unfortunately I made a right pig’s ear out of the screws that came with the tie-backs. I should have known they were nasty and cheap and thus completely smoothed out, so I couldn’t screw them in – nor out any more. After a lot of swearing last night (it does help, trust me) and brutal use of a variety of my tools, I had snapped off, cut off, sawn of, pulled out, broken off, or hammered in enough of the pesky things so I could glue on the hooks instead. I then had to cover up the nastiness where the screws should have sit nicely, hence the pearls.


I can tell you that trying to take pics of a glossy black item with polished chrome bits in a narrow hallway with not enough natural light is tricky! Anyway, here it is, accessory number 2.


One thought on “April 2012: Hallway Accessories revamp – key board

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