April 2012: sword and shield for the kids’ Knight costumes

Remember the Knight costumes I made for my nephews in December? (and of which I still haven’t got photos with my nephews in it, thanks, ever too busy family, grumble grumble) I found the most fabulous wooden sword and shield in my wee home town this weekend. “Fabulous”, because it means:

  1. I don’t have to make them myself for once
  2. I don’t have to paint them myself for once
  3. I had promised my twin nephs (shall I call them twephs?) at Christmas that I’d be getting sword and shield for them to complete the costume
  4. I am flying next month to visit them and
  5. the swords and shields will fit easily into my suitcase.

Hoorah all round, I say. I can now concentrate on finishing the quilt for my dear friend.

P.S. I am such an idiot! I had totally forgotten that I did actually get wooden swords for the twephs and I did send them as part of their Christmas present. Oh well, they’ll have two types of sword, then. Shall I maybe paint the pommels of this one?


2 thoughts on “April 2012: sword and shield for the kids’ Knight costumes

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  2. I bet they’d love it if you painted the pommels to match each shield! And you can never have too many swords when your a kid. 😀

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