April 2012: Renaissance Nightshirt

About 15 years ago I bought the fabric, and about 13 years ago I started making a “Renaissance” shirt. In inverted commas, because it obviously wasn’t going to be authentic, what with the entirely wrong fabric and all. The half-finished shirt with its pretty machine embroidered collar and bits and pieces of cut fabric, then moved from place to place with me in a carrier bag. Often threatened to be thrown away, but always rescued owing to its prettiness of collar ad embroidery. Almost as often looked at and vowed to finish it – and never doing so.

When I re-found the bag with the shirt last week, in a start of a major sort-through and clean-up of  my ‘Aladdin’s Loft’, I finally had an idea: why not make a night shirt out of it? I certainly had enough fabric. This is how I found the half-finished garment:


Some jiggery-pokery later, use of cut arm panels to lengthen the shirt into a floor length one, use of an existing strip of embroidery for narrow cuffs/wristbands, leftover pieces of fabric for gathered sleeves, I have a lovely floaty, embroidered “Renaissance” nighshirt.

P.S. For vielen Jahren habe ich dieses bestickte Hemd angefangen und nie fertig gemacht. Es ist von Haus zu Haus gezogen, von Wandschrank zu Box zu Speicher. Jetzt habe ich endlich mal schnell aus dem, was schon da war, und Stoff der in der Tuete dabeilag, ein Nachthemd gemacht. Tadaa!


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