June 2012: flowing summer dress

Having survived a completely crazy May, which kept me from any bigger creative endeavours (work-wise was insane a la 72 hour weeks, but then I was away to Finland, which was lovely) I quickly put together a wee summer dress from an original pattern from 1968. Granted, the pattern was for a night dress, but these things never kept me from using it for something else.

Not sure if I can ever wear this lovely dress in this not-lovely-at-all Scottish weather, but here’s hoping. It looks nice with flats and because the fabric is so flowing and soft (from a Salwar Kameez pack of fabric) it doesn’t look like a 70s maternity dress. 😉 I had juuuuuuuust about enough fabric and had to piece the neck facing, but that doesn’t show when wearing it.


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