July 2012: when DIY goes wrong

Remember how proud I was last year of my IKEA Leksvik hack and the rest, when I finished the re-doing of my sewing room? Complete with hanging up a heavy glass cupboard onto the plasterboard wall, entirely on me onesie? I wrote on the 5th of March 2011:

The glass cabinet is up now, and I can tell you that it was no mean feat to do on my own. Even with the shelves out and the doors off it was rather heavy and very unwieldy, but I am nothing if not determined.

And this was the result of my valiant effort:

Uhm. I learned the other day that some DIY jobs have to be done with assistance, such as holding up a *&&%^$^^£$ piece of furniture to the %*&%$^&*&* wall while fixing it securely.

I was unbelievably lucky! I suddenly heard an enormous crash bang and jolted upright, to find the chaos depicted above in the sewing room. But nothing is broken except for a couple glasses in the cupboard that I wasn’t so keen on anyway. Can you believe it? All the glass of the cupboard is intact, and the sewing machine, too.

I am now waiting for my parents’ visit next month to hang in back up with my dad’s assistance – and a lot more bracketing. *grump*


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