August 2012: new kitchen doodahs AKA kitchen wall deco

Finally! I’ve been meaning to do something like this since I bought the funky kitchen clock last year from Matalan (you can still get it!). It was on the backburner for a bit, so when mum and dad were here for a visit, I had the oomph to tackle the kitchen doodahs/wall deco. I had already put the clock up, and with the decorative tea towels in the same pattern, I had put more splashes of colour into my kitchen in 2011.


Gone are the 17th century gold-framed still lives, and in is yet another wee IKEA hack.

I used a left-over IKEA Ribba picture ledge with a couple of shortened super-cheap shelf brackets (IKEA doesn’t seem to have those anymore) which I’d used in a former sewing room incarnation before the 2011 re-design with the former living room furniture. You can see them here, where I had stained them dark.



Some glue, screws, primer and a couple of licks of leftover red varnish later (the same that I’d used for some of the kitchen wood accessories two or three years previously) and voilà! I give to you a plate ledge. I now finally have some of my beloved Portmeiron Crazy Daisy crockery on display and thus more space in the cupboards, and could re-arrange the hand-forged accessories I’d purchased 3 years ago and which hadn’t been as decoratively hung as I had wished. Of course, this also meant I had to order a new hand-forged hook for hanging the oven gloves … 😉



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