August – September 2012: Brocade jacket to shoulder bag

I wanted to make a nice good-bye gift for another colleague of mine who left for pastures new, and because she went for a completely different career, one in the creative arts, I thought a bag for carrying some of her crafting materials would be a good idea. To me, recycling things is the pinnacle of creativity, because it’s much easier to just buy the fabric, for example, instead of painstakingly piecing bits together. Also, I used to wear the brocade jacket from China to work, so it’s – hopefully! 😉 – a nice reminder. I used the red jacket (I bought this jacket in different colours) for the bag:

I’d bought a Simplicity laptop bag patterns in my pattern-frenzy-happiness in April, and went for the laptop sleeve pattern. Not that a bag of this type actually needs a pattern, but since I had it I allowed myself to be a little lazy.


I enjoyed using the jacket itself as a guide to the pattern i.e. where to cut out which piece and how, and used the jacket’s lining in situ, which meant I ordered some satin bias binding in a complementing colour (yes… I do like my ever growing collection of satin and cotton bias binding in many different colours…) to neaten up all the seams.


I hope she likes the bag!





2 thoughts on “August – September 2012: Brocade jacket to shoulder bag

    • Thank you. I thought, because she’s also a very creative crafts-person, that she sees it like we do, that it’s extra special because it’s made out of a jacket.

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