Christmas Presents – works in progress

What? Christmas? Already? Heck, yeah! I am planning so many, I better get cracking. I only have two and a half months left. 😉

Of course, a slight issue is that I cannae talk about a lot of them on this blog here, because most peeps are online/check out this blog. After all, they are my friends or family, so of course they check this blog. So, here is the list with safety Xs.

  • for my mum a quilt to warm her feet. It will match the feature wall paper in her TV room.
  • for xxx a funky xxx for her xxx 😀
  • for my twephs a monster blanket each
  • for xxx an elegant xxx 😀
  • for my twephs for their Birthday in December hand-painted pirate hooks (and some Lego, goes without saying)
  • for my sister (potentially, if I can eek out time for it) a red xxx
  • for my parents for their Golden Wedding Anniversary in May next year an xxx

Sooooo… the only ones I can post about on here are the Christmas quilt for my mum, because my dad promised he won’t show her when he’s online, and of course the gifts for my twephs.

Here are the fabrics I got yesterday, which are for my mum’s quilt.

And this is the pattern I am using, but I’m going to reverse the light & dark a bit. It’s from Material Obsessions, a book and blog that I adore.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Presents – works in progress

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