September-October 12: striped jersey dressing gown

Remember when I posted about my sewing pattern love in April (where did the time gooooooo???) and that I wanted to make a stripey night dress out of Simplicity 4048?

Well, the fabric arrived a wee while later and while the 100% cotton jersey was super cheap (£2 per meter, cannae complain) and very nice, it was also much heavier and thicker than I thought. Thus I decided to make the dressing gown instead, and it’s really super comfy and perfect for when it’s getting colder.


It was very easy and straightforward to make, and if I wasn’t always working on a whole gaggle of projects, I could have finished this within a weekend. That, however, is never going to happen unless I have a major deadline such as Christmas…)


One thought on “September-October 12: striped jersey dressing gown

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