October 12: Christmas prezzies progress 1

Despite not being able to talk about most of them on here, I am happy to report good progress on the “prezzie of the thousand squares” or, as I shall call it from now on: Funky Squares. I’m about to finish all of the panels which form the basis of the prezzie, and they consist of 384 two-inch squares.

The prezzie that I shall call Victoriana was started some time last year and I haven’t yet progressed on it.

The Monster Blanket has had the pattern cut out, but no progress yet on the fabric cuttings.

I’ve got the supplies and have cut out the pattern for a new prezzie, the Moosles. (okay, okay, Christmas Reindeer, but nevermind) I will make two of them, but both the male ones because I really don’t like that silly frock for the female one.


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