October 12: IKEA “hack” – wash-cloths to Waschlappen

Waschlappen I might hear you say, whassat then? Well, here’s the thing. We Germans in our ineffable practicality (have I mentioned our beautifully logical compound words lately? have I? have I?) are using Waschlappen, which are wash-gloves. Not wash-cloths, oh no, but highly practical wash-gloves. Why have a square piece of towelling to wash oneself with when one can have a folded-over and stitched-together piece where one can put one’s hand in? Huh?


Brits don’t have wash-gloves, and because my imported ones, which I had dyed orange a while ago to give them another lease of life, were starting to get seriously frayed and I needed new ones. I checked Amazon.de but buying from there and importing was ridiculously expensive what with conversion rates and postage and all. So when I went to IKEA last week I saw these: HÄREN 4-pack 30×30 cm wash-cloths for £1. Yep, that’s £1.


And with some pinning, sewing, cutting and stitching I created out of 8 wash-cloths 5 green wash-gloves, 3 blue wash-gloves, 3 blue & green wash-gloves, and 2 wash-cloths that I kept as-is.



All this for 2 quid!


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