November 2012: prettified mini-chest-of-drawers

Three years or so ago, I got a couple of mini chest of drawers, glued them together, and wood-stained them. Since then they have been housing my big collection of coloured sewing threads that I’d got from Pakistan in bulk (nothing worse than wanting to sew something and not having the right thread in the house!)

It’s the wee thing hanging on the wall on the right in the pic.


Now, the problem was that I had put the drawers into the chest too early after staining them, and quite a few of them got stuck and glued shut. With my current re-working of the sewing room, it was the perfect time to make some changes. After some brutal hammering and consequent sanding down (to keep from sticking again) I decided to knock off the boring wood knobs and replace them with something more colourful. As is so often the case in my mega-stashes, I had some lovely lamp-glass beads I bought a few years ago but never made the items out of it I had meant to. They were the perfect size to replace the wee knobs.

Some sanding and re-staining of the front of the drawers later, some contact glue and an extra wee nail through the hole in the beads and voilà!

chest1 chest2




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