November 2012: sewing room window treatment

Yes, yes, I finished this in November, but hadn’t got to posting yet. With the re-design of my sewing room (from guest/sewing room to sewing room – with electric airbed in the loft if required) I also changed the window treatment. No more huge, floor length, heavily black-lined curtains, but instead I am using the tapestry hanging that I had previously on the wall where now the big shelves are. A post on the latter later.

I made this tapestry years ago for a place I lived in in Kent, and still love it. It was made from tapestry fabric I got in John Lewis.

Here it is when closed (every item used in this window treatment I already had somewhere, except for the wee black hooks that hold up the red side-curtains):


and here is my “ingenious” way of opening the curtain without damaging the tapestry anywhere nor needing to buy anything:


Excuse the crappy light-curtain, I’m going to use a different one.




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