December 2012: Christmas wreath from bits & bobs

What do you get when you find a fake glittery ivy wreath in Aladdin’s Loft and team it with

  • 20 year old paper ornaments (bought in Germany),
  • gold icicles I got for 20 pence for the pack after Christmas a couple of years ago,
  • one of the feathered robins from 5 years ago,
  • gold ribbon from 10 years ago which I’d bought – and used – for a sewing project but had loads left over,
  • dried clementines and sliced oranges which were in a gorgeous Christmas bouquet I got from my friends last year and which I diligently dried further to make sure they kept for years to come

And put it all together, then hang it up with a bathroom suction knob I got 8 years ago? You get this:



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