December 2012: (Christmas) fabric-covered letters

Here’s one of the prezzies I made for friends. We’ve already exchanged gifts, thus I can show it off. 🙂

I found these wooden 3D letters in a shop, and liked them straight away. Not the decoration, though, which was tacky. So what does one do? Simple: upcycling!

These are the original letters. Some hefty sanding and painting with primer later, and they are ready to be re-decorated.

home01 home02

I wanted them to be colourful and funky, and once I’d found some cute fabric (any excuse to rummage around in the fat-quarter basket in the local patchwork shop) I decided on the edge colours. I used a variety of paints: some wall paint testers, some different acrylic paint types. All waterbased, though.


After that I covered the letters in PVA/white glue and pressed them face down onto reverse of each fabric. Let it dry and then off one goes with small, sharp scissors and a steady hand.

home05 home06

Last but not least, paint clear varnish over the painted edges (I also painted the backs, and varnished those, too) being careful not to allow any varnish onto the fabric. It would discolour and stiffen it. And that’s that: funky letters that no one else has. They have wee hangers on the backs so can be put onto a wall.



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