December 2012: decoupage wooden boxes

As part of the re-design of my guest/sewing room to my sewing room I needed boxes for the big Expedit shelves I put up. Two of these boxes I already had. Back when I lived in Kent I had painted these wooden boxes dark green, and the paint job was still okay. So I put some Victorian Mamelok images on and then a coat of Mod Podge:


After that dried I wiped some patina all over and once that was dry a second and last Mod Podge layer. Nothing fancy, but they are gong to look nice in the shelves, which I’ll post about soon, because I upcycled some IKEA boxes. Watch this space, as they say.

decoupage-boxes2 decoupage-boxes3


One thought on “December 2012: decoupage wooden boxes

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