December 2012: decoupage table


My favourite type of decoupage is the all-over, like I did with the clock. I always think that it’s quite remarkable how long it actually takes, but it’s also great fun: trying to find the perfect image and shape for the right spot.

The table is destined for the sewing room, and I first painted black a wood-stained wee table that my dad had made a few years back, and then added coasters for easy moving around.

decoupage-table01 decoupage-table02

After that came the fun bit: playing with the images!

decoupage-table09 decoupage-table08 decoupage-table07 decoupage-table06 decoupage-table05 decoupage-table04

And here it is, the finished table.



2 thoughts on “December 2012: decoupage table

  1. I did a decoupage table using Pez wrappers. I’ll take some photos to post sometime. I like your table, but you’re right – it always takes longer than you imagine. Come to think of it many things do. Maybe that’s why we can’t do everything we want to – maybe. Here’s to lots of great projects this year!

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