October – December 2012: shoe-carrier bag


Yep, I started this theoretically quick and easy project back in October, but all those Christmas prezzies came in between. I actually much prefer making creative gifts for others than making things for myself, the latter is a tad more boring.

Anyway, I wanted to make a cute shoe-carrier bag because I wear fancy skirt suits etc to work and they obviously require nice shoes. I live in Scotland, though, and that means that despite driving to work there are times when it is really not advisable to wear one’s nice shoes outside, not even for a few steps. Swamps et al. And carrying shoes in a plastic carrier bag? Bleurgh! So here is my shoe-carrier made from vintage style shoe-printed outer fabric with an inner two-shoe compartment.

First off, here’s the pattern & measurements for the two-compartment inside liner-bag. I took the measurements from a bogstandard shoe box.


I made it from cotton I had left over and which can be easily washed.

shoebag03 shoebag04

Then sew both of these together to form the liner-bag.

shoebag05 shoebag06

Once that’s done, cut the outside bag a little bigger than the liner-bag and sew it all together.


Then add any kind of handle that you fancy (I went for 99p round plastic ones from eBay) and voilà!



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