January 2013: clothes sewing works in progress (WIPs)


Welcome to Year 3 of this blog. I’m still enjoying blogging about my creative pursuits as much as ever.

I still have to show off the big effort I put into the new sewing room storage I worked on over the winter and finished around Christmas, but first something else: the load of sewing projects I currently have in process.

1. For myself:


A night dress from this Simplicity pattern, made in a cotton with tiny strawberries on. State of the WIP: almost done.

2. For my sister:



“Trachten” jacket from this Burda download pattern, made in a gorgeous bright red fine worsted wool, which I had left over from a 17th century officer’s uniform I once made. (P.S. Anja’s Trachten Jacke) State of the WIP: not even glued the pattern pieces together yet.

3. For myself:


Long coat with stand-up collar from this Burda catalogue pattern, made in a dark taupe cotton velvet with a subtle paisley pattern, lined in dark red taffeta. State of the WIP: the paper pattern has been cut out, but then I lost momentum for a bit, because there are so many pieces. 🙂

4. For myself:



Business shirt (D, the one without frills) from this McCall’s pattern, which has differently fitting pieces depending on bust size. Made from a lovely smooth cotton with a bit of elastane white with fine red stripes fabric, which I bought in Finland last year, during a visit to my sister in Helsinki. State of the WIP: pattern pieces have all been cut out, but I haven’t tacked the pattern markings on yet. There are many…

5. For myself:



Dress with lots of cool stitching from this Burda download pattern, made in black satin with dark red flowers and black velvet. State of the WIP: this has been lying in my stash in pattern pieces for over a year, but I’ve picked it up again and now it’s half finished.

P.S. Dies sind momentan meine Naeh-Projekte.


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