Winter 2012: sewing room storage solution

This took quite a while, pretty much all of October-December, but it’s finished now and I’m seriously happy how the sewing room has turned out, now that it’s not a guest/sewing room anymore but a sewing room where I can put the fancy electric double-guest-bed (which lives in a box in the loft otherwise) when needed. So, without further ado, here’s my IKEA Expedit storage solution with hacked boxes and other embellished bits and pieces. I love the fact I have so much storage space for all my fabrics and notions now.

sewing-room-storage001 sewing-room-storage002


I made the – crazy – mistake of being adamant I could do it all on my own: assembly (easy on the floor) and then pushing the shelves upright. The shelves are 1.85 x 1.85 m and weigh 94 kg. That was bonkers. Still, I did manage in the end, and the less about this endeavour said the better.

After fixing the shelves to the wall, the fun could start. I had two red Lekman boxes already, so I bought a third, but I was too stingy to buy any more for 8 quid. To be honest, I also figured it’d be too boring for this particular room and the atmosphere of warmth and colour I had created, if all of the boxes were the same shiny red plastic. Thus instead I got five of the cheap 2.5 quid Droena black fabric boxes. Of course, I didn’t intend for even a second to not customise them.

sewing-room-storage06 sewing-room-storage07 sewing-room-boxes07 sewing-room-boxes08 sewing-room-boxes09 sewing-room-boxes10 sewing-room-boxes11 sewing-room-boxes12

I also already had a couple of green-painted wooden boxes, which I decoupaged. I’ve already posted about that. Embellishing the black fabric boxes was quite easy, I’ll be posting about that shortly.

sewing-room-storage04 sewing-room-storage05 sewing-room-storage08


The 18th century fashion plates along the top wall are ones I had framed a few years ago, for my last place’s bedroom. The embellished crystal light is a lamp pendant that’s a few years old and that I’d used for this house’s bedroom at some stage, before I turned it into 1001 Nights. I added a lamp fixing from an IKEA table lamp I’d accidentally smashed a couple of years ago, and wound some berries and silk leaf decorations around it, which are 10 or so years old. I also added a couple of IKEA shelf lights (on the right and the left top shelf), which I bought last year for a tuppence in the sale. Have I mentioned I love my Aladdin’s loft? A few times, I know.

sewing-room-storage03 sewing-room-storage01 sewing-room-storage02


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