November 2012: decorated storage boxes, IKEA hack

Yes, yes, I’m late with posting about the storages boxes I made for my sewing room storage, but I couldn’t post about these before I had finished the sewing room with its storage, and posted about that, now could I?

I wrote about the cheap IKEA Groena boxes yesterday, which fit so nicely into the Expedit shelves and which are only £2.50 each. They are also made from sturdy fabric, which means that one can sew anything onto them.


So, all you need to do is measure the front, cut out a piece of fabric half an inch wider on all sides than the box front measurement, and sew it on. It’s easiest to use double-sided sticky tape to fix the top beneath the handle. Then decorate the handle bit on the top, and voilà!

sewing-room-boxes01 sewing-room-boxes02 sewing-room-boxes03 sewing-room-boxes04 sewing-room-boxes05 sewing-room-boxes06

Here they all are: I made 5 boxes in all with two different fabrics and five different handle decorations. All of the fabrics and trimmings and decorations are from my stash. A great way to use up short lengths of fancy trimmings.

box1 box2 box3 box4 box5



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