December 2012: decoupage table in sewing-room situ, and fancy lighting

With the sewing room completely finished – for now (we all know that down the line I’ll completely redecorate everything again, don’t we?) – let me show off the wee Victorian decoupage table in its location, with my new lovely Tiffany style lamp in its intended position: on the table.

sewing-room-lamp01 sewing-room-lamp02

Then there’s the new window treatment, of course, now finished with the red voile curtain that had been in the bedroom.


Last but not least there’s the decorative lighting on the wall, which I bought a year or two ago for tuppence in the IKEA Christmas sale. I added some fake greenery plus some glittery bits, and there it is, glowing softly.

sewing-room-lights02 sewing-room-lights01

I’ve already written about the chandelier pendant lamp I re-purposed and which is now on top of the new shelves. Here it is again in close-up.



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