February 2013: Retro nightdresses

Remember the Burda pattern feast? Well, I have been cutting out patterns like a goodun, also been cutting out some fabric. I must admit I did end up with a fabric-buying feast to accompany the pattern feast. Ho-hum, I’m a greedypants when it comes to sewing. But as everyone knows: she who dies with the biggest stash, wins.

Anyway, I finished the two night dresses in February, but didn’t get round to posting about them, so now here they are. I made them from thin cotton, which I got super cheap for £2.50 per meter. It is the Burda pattern NR. 7109-V, which is a download pattern.


I absolutely love this pattern. Love it so much, I made two night dresses. Both with the Empire waist (I used a drawstring) and with different lengths and sleeve variations. However, be aware that the cleavage is enormous on this pattern, and that I had to add lace to the first one (the red and white polka dot) and added an inset to the second one.


As you can see, I first only used some bias binding, but after wearing it once I decided that it was just pointless being so enormous, and added the lace. Also, I was a complete idiot when cutting this out. The fabric was a narrow width, thus I had to cut the 4 panels singularly. What did I do? Huh? The silliest beginner error ever: I forgot to flip two of the panels over, and ended up having to piece things together. och well, can’t really tell and it’s just a night dress. Eventually, I finished each of them like this:

nightshirt1b nightshirt2




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