March 2013: up-cycled funky brightly coloured towels

Have you ever had towels that are still good quality and nice to use, but where the colour has become tired or you just don’t like them anymore? There’s an easy and fun solution.

I had pale grey towels which were a few years old, and while there was nothing wrong with them, pale grey is so not me! I decided on dyeing them a lovely deep purple, which worked brilliantly. Just get some Dylon (here in the UK) machine dye, add the 500g salt and follow the instructions. The colours are vibrant and won’t come out.

I decided to add some cheery fabric strips where the woven bands are in the towels, and used leftover scraps from the retro nightdress I made last month.

towelsp1 towelsp2


I had a bath towel and two smaller towels (I always use a set of three) and here they are. A fun, easy and cheap project that turns boring old towels into unique and funky ones.

towelsp3 towelsp4


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