February 2014: IKEA up-hack, upholstered stool

I needed a nice stool for the wee dressing table (made from 3 IKEA Lack shelves) so what better than to go for one of the super cheap IKEA ones. I like them, because they are untreated wood, have a simple but elegant shape, and can easily be painted or treated in any other way.

I spray painted the stool white, because I had some paint from Aldi flying around (I don’t usually use spray paint, far too expensive compared to normal paint) and. I must admit, I do like the smooth surface. Then I ordered some thick foam for seat cushions or upholstery, cut it to size, and added a cheapo IKEA seat pad on top to give a bit of a domes effect.

You can see in the photos how I stapled the lining to the stool, which I made from a double layer of hessian/canvas. On top of it came the pretty fabric, which is only tied on and can thus easily be taken off for washing.

And that is that. A very pretty up-cycled and up-hacked stool for the dressing table, which has the same fabric cover as the stepping step for my elderly cat (the bed is too high for the old gent to hop onto, blush, so I made him a step. Obviously!)









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