Kids’ Pirate Captain and Count Dracula costumes

Right on time for Halloween, aye? I finally finished these costumes to be given to my nephews in June, but it’s taken me a while to get back to the blog. I’ll never understand why I sometimes drop off the online grid, but alas.

The brief was: a Pirate Captain, that was fierce and dressed in proper “piratey” kit including a laced coat, and Count Dracula, that was creepy and definitely had a cloak in black and red.

I used the Burda download pattern no. 2452 for the pirate coat and breeches, the Burda download boy’s shirt pattern for the two linen shirts (only used as a base for dimensions, I altered the pattern quite a bit), and the Simplicity pattern no. 5927 for the Dracula cape.

burda 2452 simplicity 5927 burda shirt

I made the two waistcoats from the Pirate pattern, but altered the pattern to suit the different styles. I made the two breeches (stretch velvet for Dracula, thick cotton jersey for Pirate) from the Pirate pattern, and the two shirts from the boy’s shirt pattern. I lined the cape pattern, so that the it would be the required black and red. I also made a lace-edged jabot for the Count.

dracula pirate1 pirate2 shirts1 shirts2 Dracula Dracula Pirate DSCN0141 Dracula cape Count Dracula waistcoat Pirate Captain waistcoat Pirate coat Pirate coat Pirate coat Count Dracula jabot     Pirate Captain and Count Dracula costumes vests and shirts


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