Lord of the Rings Embroidery

This embroidery – to be hung as a tapestry, and depicting Gandalf at the Bridge of Khazad-dum – took 3 years to make.

The imagery is based on the famous illustration by the artist John Howe. The embroidery resides in France now.

I updated my Kipar.org Portfolio website with images of the embroidery

It is made on a base of machine-dyed red cotton, with a thin layer of cotton basting underneath. The first layer consists of machine-appliqued fabric, which I had heat-printed via a transfer painting technique. The embroidery was made with mixed materials, including cotton, rayon, and silk floss, as well as coloured metallic yarns ranging from black over browns to reds. A wide variety of gold and silver metallic yarn was used, including machine mebroidery threads, different hand embroidery types, and passing thread. Stitches used are many stem stitch and split stitch, as well as shading and surface couching.



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