Big colourful-on-black square quilt

This quilt was a gift for my sister and her family. I worked on this quilt for 2 years (with breaks, of course) but I finally finished it last month and took it to Switzerland. I am pleased to say that my sister and my twephs absolutely love it.

I didn’t just patchwork the front, but also the back, mostly with cut-offs from making the front designs. Would have been a waste otherwise, and why not add more cheerful colours!

The quilt is appr. 1.80 x 1.80 m and the wadding is 100% cotton, too, which I pre-shrunk. About 95% of all fabrics used for this quilt came from the lovely wee shop Purely Patchwork in Linlithgow. Every time I walk past I nip inside, which accounts for the many wonderful fabrics I collected over the last 2 years for the quilt.

Quilt Front

quilt-front1 quilt-front2

Quilt Back


Details of Quilt Front



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